Grow your membership and increase retention

We provide you with client focused technology and services to manage your business effectively and efficiently

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Seamless Experience

ClarityLive continues to deliver compelling customer journey solutions for the leisure and fitness industries

Work from home

Using Mobile, Tablet or PC


– CL E-Book
– CL E-Join
– CL E-Pay
– CL Swim

At your convenience

Catering for your customer needs

– CL Kiosks
– CL Access Control
– CL Box Office
– CL Online Bookings

On your mobile

Customers have everything at their fingertips 24/7

– Mobile E-Bookings
– Mobile E-Joining
– Social Media Platform
– Customer Referrals

Grow your membership and increase retention

ClarityLive Leisure has been the trusted partner of the UK’s leading leisure centres, sports facilities, and cultural heritage sites for over 25 years. Our vision, innovation and agility, combined with great software products and the expertise of our people all lie at the heart of our success

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